Bite 13 - Eat and Drinks

December 19, 2020


This bite we will learn to eat and drink:

Imagine you are having this wonderful meal:

fishball noodles milktea

"Cart noodle" with pig blood, fishball, radish and pig skin

食 - Eat

What’s more important than eating? The word with food:

食    魚   蛋
sik6 jyu4 daan2

Eat Fish Ball

So when your friend (waiting) asked:

食    咩
sik6 me1

Eat what? 
= What should we eat?

Say: 食魚蛋!

飲 - Drink

Naturally you get thirsty after some spicy fish balls:

飲    奶   茶
jam2 nai5 ca4

Drink milk tea

So when I ask:

飲    咩
jam2 me1

Drink what?
= What should we drink?

Shout right into my ear. 1,2,3:



  1. 2 verbs 食 and 飲. 食 = eat; 飲 = drink;

  2. Like English, Cantonese use verb + object e.g. 食魚蛋, 飲奶茶

  3. What to X (verb)? = “X咩” e.g. What should we eat? = 食咩? What should we drink = 飲咩?

Written by hulloanson#2533, HongKonger
Recorded by horse_mama#3788, HongKonger
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